World Care seeks to solicit support from individuals, businesses, and organizations who want to recycle their used goods for humanitarian efforts. By becoming involved with World Care, your organization or business can be an integral partner in providing  a needed environmental service while simultaneously contributing to the betterment of humanity.

By being a part of the Recycling Revolution Campaign, individuals and organizations donate their unused resources to World Care or our certified recycling service provider, HVF West. The donated resources generate funds for World Care’s mission. Depending on the good, the supplies can be cleaned for reuse in humanitarian efforts or completely recycled with the generated revenue from its parts used in World Care relief efforts.

Becoming a partner has many benefits. Individuals can find reliable recycling centers where their donations are fully utilized for the betterment of others. Businesses and organizations can become a publicly-recognized recycling partner. World Care and its partners will account for the number of recycled goods provided by an organization in poundage, allowing the business to witness and market the real impact of their efforts. Furthermore, the accurate record-keeping will also show participants how their donations are used in humanitarian relief.