World Care is dedicated to protecting our most valuable resource—our planet! The United States produces approximately 220 million tons of waste each year according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This is equivalent to burying over 82,000 football fields six-feet deep in compacted garbage. World Care addresses this growing problem by actively raising awareness across Arizona and the nation, as well as by providing individuals, corporations, and government agencies with an effective platform for their recycling efforts.

World Care annually reuses and recycles nearly 5,000,000 pounds of material by channeling usable items to global humanitarian aid and diverting non-usable items from landfills to be broken down and recycled. In 2013, World Care recycled 531,599 pounds of material that might otherwise be thrown into landfills. We work with local recycling organizations, most notably HVF West—a national company that recycles old jets for the military. If the product does not meet a need in humanitarian aid, it is then broken down into raw material (such as metals, plastics, glass, wood, rubber, cardboard, paper, and cloth) and recycled to make new products, thus bettering the environment. To put our impact in a clearer perspective, World Care’s annual recycled goods would otherwise take up one square mile of land five feet deep if not used in relief efforts or recycled. Additionally, World Care makes a small profit from recycling. This money goes back into the World Care system to support our disaster relief and humanitarian aid programs.