In times of emergency, World Care is able to respond with wide scale humanitarian relief anywhere in the world within twenty-four hours. What allows for this quick and effective response is World Care’s streamlined organizational structure. When state, national and international disasters strike, World Care responds with collected supplies from the public. World Care follows the supply to ensure it reaches its destination and is securely stored and distributed.┬áIn between these memorable disasters, World Care provides aid year after year to the various victims of less reported on disasters and local emergencies.

Here are a few of the emergency relief donations over the past 15 years:

2001: World Care sends $250,000 in donated aid to New York in response to the terrorist attacks

2002: In Operation Deep Freeze, 14,000 blankets are distributed to Tucson Homeless Programs

2003: $156,300 of school infrastructure was shipped to Moldova

2004-2005: $2.3 million of supplies are sent to help those affected by Hurricane Katrina, the Asian tsunami, and the Pakistani Earthquake

2006: Blankets, water, and other supplies are sent to Hatch, New Mexico to assist flood victims

2007: World Care sent supplies to Ghana for the creation of a community clinic

2008: Over $232,429 of aid is sent in partnership with KAPES to Korea

2009: Eight 40 ft. containers full of supplies were sent to Mexico for Hurricane Jimena relief

2010: Port-au-Prince, Haiti received eight 40 ft. containers filled with first aid, hygiene and food supply after an Earthquake

2011: Over $1.5 million in resources and supplies are sent to aid the victims of Japan, Midwest & Alabama tornadoes, and the Wallow Arizona wildfires

2012: Those affected by Hurricane Sandy received over $1.1 million in resources from World Care

2013: Over $500,000 in supplies were sent to Syrian refugees in Lebanon, $195,000 relief went to the victims of typhoon Haiyan and over $1 million in relief was sent Moore, Oklahoma in response to the recent tornadoes


2015: $140,000 in medical supplies sent to Nepal for the earthquake destruction