Thanks for your interest in the Recycling Revolution!

The Recycling Revolution is a way for organizations to reduce their carbon footprint and support World Care’s humanitarian efforts by donating surplus goods. There are three forms of donation for the Recycling Revolution:

Humanitarian Aid: Medical Equipment & Supplies, Emergency Relief Supplies, Hygiene Products, Packing Materials, Computers, Electronics, School Supplies, Household Items, Automobiles, etc.







Materials Sent for General Recycle: Steel, Tin, Aluminum, Lead, Some Batteries, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals, Surplus Goods that cannot be used for humanitarian aid but also not necessary for total destruction






Materials Sent for Total Destruction: Proprietary Products, Hard Drives, Cell Phones, Electronics, Medical Equipment, Items that need total security in destruction, etc.






The Way It Works: You or your company recycles surplus goods to World Care or our trusted participating recyclers. You will receive a tax write-off for your donation. The participating recycler then donates part of the proceeds of the recycled products to World Care.

World Care provides a positive, secure, cost efficient, sustainable, and scalable way for organizations to recycle while saving money. By becoming a part of the Recycling Revolution you will be:

•  Saving your organization $$$

  Providing humanitarian resources to families in need in your local communities

•  Joining in the commitment to protect our environment by diverting waste away from our landfills

•  Making a difference in national and international disaster relief efforts.

There’s no catch! Join today!

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