Become a Volunteer

World Care’s success in implementing effective programming is directly related to its civilian-based support. Over 500 local volunteers annually contribute time and energy in helping their neighbors locally and abroad. From accounting to shipping, cleaning to advertising, community volunteers are an integral part of the institutional structure.

Everyone is welcome to volunteer at World Care. Our organization provides an array of volunteer projects for adult, youth, and special education volunteers. In addition, arrangements are made for corporate service programs, adult community service, academic programs, and youth community service. Most importantly, civilian volunteers are given a significant level of autonomy, which is mutually beneficial-participants have a distinct, personal investment in their work and World Care receives dedicated and quality services.

To volunteer at World Care, please do the following:

Read and complete the volunteer application, the release of liability, and the statement of confidentiality. Call World Care between 9-3pm Monday-Friday to schedule an orientation meeting with our Volunteer Coordinator. We look forward to working with you!

Volunteer Application

Statement of Confidentiality & Liability